His Holiness Sant Shri Asharam Ji Bapu

Asharamji Bapu

The Incarnation of AYuga Pravartak

Self-realized, well versed in scriptures, established in Brahman, master of Yoga, Pujya Sant Shri AsharamJi Bapu has satiated not only India but the whole world with His nectarine discourses. Asumal was born on 17th April 1941 in Berani village of Sindh province before the partition of India. His father, Shri Thaumal Sirumalani was a leading person in the town; and His mother Mehengiba was a deeply religious and simple-hearted woman. Looking at the divine radiance on His countenance in childhood; His family preceptor had prophesied, “This child will become a great saint, and deliver many people.” The family preceptor’s prophesy has come true. Now all know it. The same Asumal, established in Brahman, is imparting spiritual knowledge through his teachings to philosophers, scientists, political leaders, officers, educated and uneducated male and female seekers of Truth; and giving the right direction to the perplexed human society wandering aimlessly in the jungle of life.

Bapuji had developed discrimination and dispassion of the highest level during his childhood and youth. So; he renounced home in His young age to wander restlessly yearning for God in deep forests. Then He found His Sadguru in Swami Shri Lilashahji in the forests of Nainital, India. He attained Self-Realization at the young age of 23. Then His Guru said, ‘From today the people will know you as ‘Sant Asharamji’; and whatever spiritual divinity you have achieved; distribute it among the masses.’

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